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Why You Need a Personal Trainer

9 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Trainer

There are many excellent reasons why you may be searching for, “personal trainers near me”. Perhaps you are just embarking on your fitness journey and you need a sherpa in the workout wilderness. Or maybe your DIY workouts just aren’t cutting it anymore. Regardless of your reason, finding the best personal trainer for you has several distinct advantages.

Personal Training Advantage 1: You will get healthier “the right way”

Instead of wasting three hours a week on the elliptical and not seeing any results, or going on a crash diet only to gain back the weight you lost and more, personal training helps you lose weight in a safe, effective and sustainable way. Nutrition plays a vital part in how you feel and how your body responds to exercise. But deciding on a nutrition and exercise plan that is right for your body is difficult with so much misinformation floating around the internet. The best personal trainer will provide you with nutritional guidance for safe, effective, sustainable weight loss as well as great at home workouts – or outdoor or gym – that are tailored to your needs.

Personal Training Advantage 2: You will get stronger and leaner

Do you want to bulk up, get slim and toned, or increase muscle definition? Can’t figure out why you’re not getting stronger or leaner after spending hours in the gym? Or have you never set foot in a gym before and don’t have a clue how to get started? The best personal trainer will show you exactly what exercises are best for your goals and body. Best of all, personal training keeps you accountable and makes sure you keep training. While it’s easy to come up with excuses to skip a trip to the gym, it’s much harder to come up with valid reasons to actually cancel an appointment with the best personal trainer in your area.

Personal Training Advantage 3: You will have the support you need

The path to reaching your fitness goals will certainly be littered with bumps along the way, both mental and physical. Having the best personal trainer on your side makes the journey much smoother. Not only does a personal trainer provide you with specific exercises to help you meet your physical goals, they are there to give you the emotional support that you need in your journey. Not losing weight the way you had hoped? A personal trainer can listen to you and help you refine your nutrition. Bored and frustrated with the same old routine? The best personal trainer will act as your therapist and your motivator when you need them to.

Personal Training Advantage 4: You save time

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. The best personal trainer makes sure you get the most out of your workout time, so you can be in and out as quickly as possible, with the best results possible. Personal trainers aren’t free and neither is your time. Maximizing the return on your investment is essential in every pursuit, but none perhaps more so than exercise. Personal trainers are the ultimate time-saver. They know how to maximize every workout so you’ll get better results, faster.

Personal Training Advantage 5: Less stress, more sleep

Your body is equipped with a fight or flight response. When faced with danger, your pupils dilate, your digestion slows, your body burns through glycogen (sugar) stores in your muscles, and you have a heightened sense of sight and hearing all in the name of fighting a predator or fleeing from harm. The only problem is, your body doesn’t know the difference between a saber-toothed tiger and that looming deadline at work. As a result, people who live high-stress lives tend to produce large amounts of a stress hormone called cortisol that affects sleep, weight, and belly fat. Fortunately, cortisol levels drop significantly with personal training and the in gym, outdoor, and at home workouts that come from it. Even if you can’t quit your stressful job or minimize stress at home, exercise can limit the effects of stress on your body and help you sleep better as a result.

Personal Training Advantage 6: A personalized experience for every life event (think – wedding, pre/post pregnancy, birthday)

When a big life event is coming up, you want to be in the best shape possible. You don’t want to bumble around in the gym on your own as you waste time, possibly injure yourself and never see the results you are hoping for. When you enlist the help of the best personal trainer for you, you’ll get a personalized experience every time. There’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” gym regimens or at home workouts. Different techniques and training styles work better for different people, at different phases of their lives. Even common exercises can be ineffective or harmful for individuals with certain body types or injuries. The best personal trainer is personal because they tailor exercise programs to meet your individual needs and circumstances.

Personal Training Advantage 7: You want to stay young, safe and injury free

BREAKING NEWS: Exercise – and personal training – is the closest thing to the fountain of youth anyone has discovered1. With comprehensive knowledge, experience and expertise in fitness, the best personal trainer will teach you personalized techniques, exercises and workouts along with the safest way to do them. Proper form is everything when working out, and it’s better to do two reps correctly than twenty incorrectly. When training on your own, it can be very easy to lose track of your form, which is the quickest way to injury. Even when working out in front of a mirror, your perspective will always be limited. Personal training helps ensure proper form and execution every time so you get the most out of each workout and stay injury-free. Personal training helps you get the results you want – so you can keep up with and do everything you want.

Personal Training Advantage 8: Bust through plateaus

You’ve started your workout routine and you’ve seen result – YAY! And then, out of nowhere, you see those results begin to plateau. You may be tempted to throw in the towel. That is where personal training comes into play. Your personal trainer can help you switch up your diet and exercise routine to help get you back on track and progressing. They can also help you understand how to change your workouts, improve your progress and break through the plateau.

Personal Training Advantage 9: You need science-backed results

Everyone and their mother seems to have an opinion about fitness. Whether it’s when to stretch, why this workout is better than that workout, or why a specific technique is best. Basing your personal workout routine on the latest fad will leave you confused and with that paralysis-by-analysis feeling. The best personal trainer cuts through the noise and acts as an expert and a voice of reason. Speaking from a place of education and experience rather than emotion and fads, personal trainers can offer unbiased, science-backed guidance on how to reach your fitness goals.

Whether you are searching for “personal trainers near me” or are just starting on your fitness journey, personal training is the best way to achieve the results you want while offering the advantages you need.

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